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Transforming Conflict using Nonviolence

The Center for Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation- invites you to join us in a movement to transform our inner-cities; which have been seriously negatively affected by gang and drug-related violence! In recognizing the great potential that exists in the city, the Center is introducing a groundbreaking project that will change the face of the city; we plan on raising a generation that seeks nonviolence as a way-of-life!


The Mobile Lab Project is geared towards educating inner-city youth with skills in Computer Literacy; i.e. Word Processing, Graphic Design, (Adobe Design Products), App development, Web-Design, Coding, Music Recording and Music Production!

  • Mobile App Design This class will teach age-appropriate youth App. Development and everything there is to know when it comes to creating an Application for mobile devices (phones and tablets) on multiple platforms (Apple and Android). It can be for fun and games, books, business or education; learning and knowing these skills is now becoming essential.

  • Website Design This is a very important skill to learn and have knowledge of, in today’s world of technology. The Internet makes up a large part of the economy when it comes to global business and marketing!

  • Coding Software programming is the language of today and the future; we will teach young and creative youth how to code for websites as well as for customer-based needs.

  • Mobile Recording Studio The Mobile Lab will also serve a s Music Recording Studio where we will do voice and musical instrument recordings for youth who are talented in music, art and entertainment.

  • Video Editing & Production There is no other way to express your visual-creativity without the right video production. The Mobile Lab will also train age-appropriate youth everything from Pre to Post Video Production, Video Editing and Camera Operation as well as Video Special-Effects; using professional editing software.

As a Lab, it will serve as an incubator for transformation! Currently, we are looking for financial contributions or grants, to help us with the retrofitting of our newly/recently gifted RV, into the Mobile Lab!

  • Crime Prevention Strategy and Leadership Development
  • Crime Prevention through Web-skills, Graphic-design, Coding, & Music Recording


This strategy focuses on taking at-risk youth off-the-streets; turning them away from a life of crime, by offering them positive role-models and the high-tech tools needed to begin a life and even career in the many fields available to those with Computer skills, graphic-design know-how, music and video production, and other healthy and alternative ways to have fun, learn a skill or trade, or simply increase in one’s own learning, wisdom, and social development. Our Mobile Lab project will be staffed and outfitted to do exactly this!

Community Problems Addressed

Without positive role models or healthy activities (not only sports), youth in impoverished neighborhoods may continue turning to drugs, gangs, and crime. Schools do their best, but it is too much for them to do alone. Local communities must find ways to help take at-risk youth off the street; and that is why the Center for Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation exists.

Key Components

To help educate, challenge, and find interesting activities for youth, a local champion for this strategy can research the history of the artists in the region and then reach out to local talent. Focusing on local artist’s history can motivate both children and adults to get involved and help develop community pride. Searching out local talent such as musicians and artists is a way to encourage positive interactions and encourage respect for a variety of cultural traditions.

Teaching music and the performing arts develops talent and self-esteem among the participating youth and when a talent is found- we use the Mobile Lab’s Recording Studio to record and/or video-tape their album or performance; which just may become a source of revenue for them!.

Key Partnerships

The Rockford Police Department, Local businesses, Community Centers, theaters, independent artist, designers and schools may have some resources that can be used to sponsor activities. Teachers, local musicians, children, parents, and community members would all play a vital role in developing a structured program. Local businesses can sponsor events and local media can help promote its activities.

Potential Obstacles

As a community, we  may encounter problems finding placement or space to keep practicing what they learn or wish to perform; but with public awareness campaigns, the surrounding communities can help make donations, to help us find or build a permanent purpose built studio – with easy access, to help keep our youth committed.

Examples of Success and Results

In Clarksdale, Mississippi [population 20,000], there are two programs that work in conjunction with each other to bring the rich local heritage of the Delta Blues tradition to at-risk youth; giving them a healthy alternative to the streets. Developed in 1992, with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, a small group of local musicians established the Delta Blues Education Program (DBEP).

This program offers free instruments and instruction to over 120 area youth from six area schools. Ninety-five percent of the students come from impoverished families and range in age from 9 to 19. Their program offers daytime, after-school and summer activities for students who become apprentices. Instructors are local musicians who care about the future of their children and are able to communicate their passion and respect for life- through their music.

The program is free, but students must make a personal commitment to uphold a personal and professional conduct agreement that is also part of the blues tradition. In addition to teaching music, instructors provide lessons in personal conduct, money management and effective communication skills.

This program has been so successful that the local museum has started a similar program that now has 25 students. The Delta Blues Museum Program works in conjunction with the Delta Blues Education Fund to offer more lessons and space for children to rehearse and perform.

The Center for Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation’s program would not only be about graphic design, music and recording, we would include a leadership program on Kingean Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation Education (using Dr. King’s philosophy and leadership development manual); as well as help youth help transform daily conflicts – amongst themselves!